About Xeratec

Xeratec exists to deliver the art of business information technology: turning data into actionable knowledge and insight. We see the impact our work and our partnerships have on client organizations and our local communities – transforming outdated approaches into modern, effective business solutions.

Thriving on Collaboration

We are from the midwest and we thrive on the values of hard work, challenge, and trust, delivering the IT infrastructure plans and executing them with a dedication that has become our trademark. If it has our name on it, we expect it to be the best. The commitment of our clients, expressed to us in the form of long-term partnerships, is central to our marketing plan. We want to serve your organization and demonstrate the Xeratec return on investment.

Built to Last

Founded in 2003, we are not a flash-in-the-pan scheme: we build business value like building a brick wall – every block must be placed with care, accuracy, and in-line with the overall plan. Our knowledge base likewise is valuable to our clients, because we see IT within the context of business performance, and believe that IT should take shape around the business, never the other way around.

Every aspect of operations, from increasing market share, to new product development, to pricing and profit margin, and even recruiting new talent, now have technology challenges.

With Xeratec at your side, these challenges become grand opportunities.

IT Consulting Team


Xeratec was founded by Sara and Steve Hillstrom as an IT consulting firm in southeastern Wisconsin. In 2004 they relocated the business to their beautiful home region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, establishing the base of technologies and operational methods that could support their business growth and development.

While steadily gaining clients throughout the US and supporting numerous Fortune 500 clients with key infrastructure and applications, in 2012 Steve and Sara embarked on an ambitious growth effort, substantially adding employees and acquiring larger contracts across a range of industries.

Xeratec today is honored to be named one of Michigan's 50 Companies to Watch in 2017, as an example of Michigan's transition from a focus on traditional manufacturing to a leader in the digital revolution.

History of IT Consulting Services