Actionable insights and impactful solutions

Big data analytics offers tremendous promise, but we’ve also seen the limits of its value when systems are not designed around the user in a specific domain. Xeratec recognizes that a lake full of data needs more than controls – it becomes useful when internal intelligence brings the ‘water’ where it belongs, at the right temperature.

Planning Intelligent Solutions

We provide far more than drilldown capabilities and focus on applications where key business metrics are flagged for the user when trends develop, and the underlying reasons are brought forth: we want the system to self-analyze to the degree possible. The ‘red flag’ needs to come with reasons and possible root causes to quickly realize the full promise of big data. At Xeratec, we know this means more heavy lifting for us, but it also means more success for our clients.

Adaptive and Responsive

By giving your leadership tools to implement rapid responses to key inputs, your team can respond from a more informed position. For example, we can consolidate many input streams into the cloud, build in intelligence and analytics, and give you adaptive marketing messages based on real-time demand. Because we already have wide experience with many domains, our solutions grow from the user-responder back toward big data, and not the other way around. This ensures the value of the resulting information architecture.

With Xeratec on your team, big data becomes an intelligent resource.