Strategic data management partner

Data management has become a crucial factor in business strategy. We perform comprehensive evaluations of how your data is collected, transformed, stored, and represented to the user.  At each step in that process, we compare your operations to established best practices and determine if the best tools and methods are being employed. Where appropriate, we examine whether complexity is helping or undermining your operations, and analyze what intelligence can be garnered along key data pathways. 

Transforming Business Intelligence

Our consultants will work with you to define a comprehensive data management approach that will transform your organization’s data into actionable business intelligence. Employing the best tools in the hands of outstanding personnel, we can model your data architecture and demonstrate how structures can be improved. Where needed, we can draw data in from various systems and consolidate it through effective human interface designs. In many cases we recommend system-level changes to improve your data management and can support implementation, once a complete plan is established.

Enhancing Data Systems

We further link disparate systems to enhance the overall value of data, for example, connecting ERPs with customer relationship management systems to enhance marketing and product development. This type of innovation yields measureable gains across a range of business units. With Xeratec, your raw data becomes real business value.


Data Management Solutions