Andrew Hillstrom

VP of Operations


Andrew handles the operations side of Xeratec. Essentially, he’s responsible for making sure we have the right people, planning, and resources in place to make sure we’re making our clients happy.


Graduating from Milwaukee School of Engineering, Andrew is the only person in the school’s history to do so with three degrees at once – including a master’s degree! The path to get there wasn’t easy, however. After being wounded in combat and dealing with both limb and head injuries, starting college was extremely challenging. After the first two years Andrew found his groove and accomplished something he can be quite proud of. 


Andrew enjoys the concept of developing and building something for a client that didn’t exist before. Creating something that can improve a business is the ultimate goal.

Fun Fact

You can find Andrew painted by President George W. Bush in the book Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors.

Special Skill

Andrew is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, something that was necessary for him to learn before he moved to Brazil.

Secret Weapon

Through his time in the Army and working for the Department of State, Andrew has acquired the ability to read people. This took quite the amount of time and effort.

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