Xeratec Software Development

Brett Hillstrom



Brett leads Xeratec, executing business plans while cultivating a great culture. He develops and retains strategic client relationships to ensure growth at the company, simultaneously using his technology expertise to consult and advise on projects.


While Brett attended many high schools during his youth, his official education does not go far beyond that. He began learning software development at the ripe age of 15 while he was still in high school. Brett’s skills came from his experience while working for Xeratec part-time after school. Following his high school graduation he attended a community college for one year, but ultimately had enough experience to grow his career at Xeratec. Brett became proficient in leadership roles and has helped grow a successful business, officially becoming President at Xeratec in 2020. He continues to educate himself as new technologies emerge and is always working on ways to best support his team.


Brett gets fired up when he sees forward movement. Whether it be Xeratec hitting markers that have been set, a client excelling with technology we helped create, or a yard project taking shape. Experiencing positive growth or change in the direction it was intended is always cause for celebration!

Fun Fact

In the office setting it can be hard to visualize Brett at his first job on a dairy farm, but growing up inside the cheddar curtain it was certainly easy to find one to work at.

Special Skill

Dad jokes. Brett has built a reputation for having a dad joke for almost any situation.

Secret Weapon

If asked he’d say, “My secret weapon is my team. When you have a great team around you it is easy to look good!” The truth is, you must also have great leadership to have a great team. Brett’s leadership can be recognized as a secret weapon because his guidance and support can take many forms.

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