Bryan Santini

Bryan Santini

Software Engineer


Bryan’s role at Xeratec as a software engineer is to learn about company software products while providing development support and adding new features to those products.


After working trade jobs for a few years after high school, Bryan met his brother-in-law who programmed as a hobby. He immediately developed an interest and wanted to learn more as he thought it was amazing that so many cool things can be made with only a laptop. At that point, Bryan knew exactly what he wanted to go back to school for.  A couple years later, he finished his associates degree from the Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania and then began working on a BS of Computer Science from the University of Maryland Global Campus. While attending UMGC, Bryan had the opportunity to intern at one of the best children’s hospitals on the east coast in their IT department. After moving to the UP, Bryan found his way to Xeratec and has become a great team member.


What gets Bryan excited is the opportunity to work on software projects where he can grow his development skills while helping to provide a better product for a client. He loves to tinker and build stuff that make things easier for others.

Fun Fact

Bryan was born on February 29th meaning that he is the youngest employee at Xeratec by a long shot! We joke, but how often do you meet someone born on leap day? 

Special Skill

Bryan has the ability to adapt to new situations quickly and is always up for a challenge. Communication comes naturally for him making Bryan great at teaching others.

Secret Weapon

Bryan has a diverse amount of job experiences such as being a former licensed mechanic and HVAC technician, Cellphone and computer repair tech to working in various restaurant, retail and customer service roles. These experiences give him perspective when it comes to different industries, their people, their problems and how they can be solved.

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