Derek Gregg

Derek Gregg

Software Engineer


As a software engineer, Derek creates and adjusts software based upon the needs of each individual client to ensure they’re receiving the perfect product for their needs.


Off a gut feeling, Derek switched his major to computer science at the last minute before his freshman year at college. He went on to earn both his bachelors and masters at Michigan Technological Universities in a short 5 years. Derek’s first test of the industry was at Kohler’s Global Communications Building where he was an Information Technology Intern using many of the same technologies and concepts he uses here at Xeratec.


Derek is fueled by nature and spending time with friends. During the spring and summer months he can be found exploring one of the many building ruins in the Keweenaw or swimming in the local fresh waters. In the fall Derek is usually around a fire or taking in the colors in the woods. When winter hits he prefers to stay indoors playing games with friends or watching one of the local hockey games.

Fun Fact

In college, Derek accidentally earned most of an Environmental Studies minor (which he would later complete) without knowing it.

Special Skill

Derek has the ability to translate programming terminology into English for non-programmers. Unfortunately, this is not a very common skill.

Secret Weapon

Building connections and diffusing tension through comedy is something Derek is great at.

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