Xeratec Software Development

Glen Halonen

Software Engineer


Glen’s role at work is to help define and execute software solutions for clients. He enjoys analyzing and modifying existing software as well as designing, constructing and testing end-user applications that meet user needs. 


While attending Michigan Technological University Glen was an intern at Xeratec Software Development. After graduating with a degree in computer science he continued his career with Xeratec and has been an essential team member. From working on the start-up of LoadTraxx to working with some of our long time customers, Glen has experienced many sides of programing over the years.


Glen gets excited about exploring and learning new tech stacks. This makes Xeratec such a good fit as each client we serve will have different needs. Creating custom software is truly an art for Glen.

Fun Fact

Glen comes from a large family and has nine siblings. This makes the office setting easy to be around as we treat each other very much like family here at Xeratec.

Special Skill

He is efficient. Whether in his work or having a conversation, Glen gets straight to the point without distracting you with unnecessary information.

Secret Weapon

Glen is able to sleep anywhere. This comes in handy on trips and visiting family.