Xeratec Software Development

Jonathan Lehto

Software Engineer


As a software engineer, Jon’s role is to design, develop, and improve software projects. He uses his creativity and technical skills and applies the principles of software engineering to help solve new and ongoing problems for the customer.


Jon started programming early on and began working full time when he was 16.  After realizing this would be something he wanted to make a career of, Jon went to study Computer Engineering at Michigan Tech.  After working for several companies as an intern while finishing his bachelor’s degree, he applied at Xeratec and to his surprise we were hiring! It’s been a great fit ever since.


Solving complex problems in an efficient manner is what Jon is all about. The more difficult the problem, the more rewarding it is to resolve.

Fun Fact

Jon is an avid bow fisher, something fairly unique to the area. He also likes to share that he can “poorly” play the guitar.

Special Skill

Continually improving his coding techniques throughout his career, Jon has helped develop good habits making him very efficient in code design.

Secret Weapon

Jon has a great perspective of how project systems come together and interact. His background in computer science and experience in embedded computing helps him to see the full picture, giving him an edge.

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