Enterprise IT Mutiny!

You’ve selected your solution, IT and business managers are in alignment, enterprise software implementation begins...the system goes live as planned. But as you talk to staff who are supposed to be using the system, adoption is not what you intended it was supposed to be. Users are rebelling, the old process lingers – except now it is manually managed outside the shiny new system. Rather than productivity gains, things are now taking longer. The board room is awash in argument about how to fix the “failure”. If you’ve experienced this – or if you are in it right now – it may be reassuring to know it is, sadly, a common situation. You know that change is difficult and the fear of change ranks nearly as high as the fear of public speaking or death! Yet all too often the project plan fails to include, consider or budget for specific change management elements, certain to result in project failure, or at the least, lengthy and painful transition.