Xeratec Software Development

Marcus Scese

Software Engineer


Marcus is a full-stack developer, creating and managing the code of Xeratec projects. Depending on the project, his role requires him to be involved in client interactions along with back-end programming. 


After graduating a semester early from Michigan Technological Universities in December 2020, Marcus decided to further his education and is currently pursuing his master’s degree from MTU in Computer Science. His path into programming began with an interest in robotics. It was kickstarted by his first robotics program during high school where he settled into the programming team and quickly developed a love for the work.


The modernization and increasing utilization of technology in formerly human centric roles excites Marcus and drives him to be involved in expediting the process.

Fun Fact

Marcus can quickly pickup many board sports. “Moving sideways just feels instinctual to me.”

Special Skill

Through college he focused on efficiency while tackling projects. This has led to being able to think through and discard bad ideas quickly.

Secret Weapon

Being able to follow a convention’s set on any project, whether the conventions are written or unwritten. This gives Marcus a huge advantage in the literacy of what he can create.

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