Xeratec Software Development

Steve Leduc

Senior Software Developer


Steve is our on-site support consultant for an area manufacturer.  Performing IT management, system administration, systems analyst, software development and help desk services.


He spent his early years after high school as a masonry laborer, auto mechanic, van customization, landscape worker, bartender and tutor. At the urging of his best friend and roommate, Steve inquired at the local community college. He chose “Data Process” as a major and completed a degree. Steve found a career at a manufacturing plant in a small town in the Upper Peninsula, entering an environment where a midrange system did the heavy lifting for the business side of the company with two floppy drive PCs. The company sent him to further his education and promoted him to the IT manager.  Steve was involved with installing a LAN, hundreds of PCs, network printers, data base management system, telecommunication, WANs and integration to process control systems.  He co-chaired a midrange user’s group in the UP and was a member of several industry and IT associations. After several decades of IT work, Steve happily shares his experience with others as often as he can.  He loves what he does and looks forward to new challenges as they come.


Steve gets excited by the challenge of solving problems and enabling users to accomplish their goals, allowing the companies they serve reach their goals.  “I see technology as a tool.  Like a Snap-on tool salesman, I seek to get the right tool in the hands of the users.”  

Fun Fact

An instructor at the community college he attended helped him to get his job in manufacturing. After she left her position at the college, Steve got her a job with him as a software developer.  

Special Skill

His varied background allows Steve to have special insight into a wide variety of situations. He has found it easy to relate to the people that are looking for someone to solve their problems. 

Secret Weapon

Steve has great vision and the ability to see how things fit together from both a high level and from a macro view as well.

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