Beth Hillstrom

Beth Hillstrom

Director Of Marketing


Beth executes our marketing ideas through website development, social media, advertisements, and events. She also leads communication with employees for internal events and deadlines.


While previously working in the medical records department at the hospital, Beth realized her love for processes and proper communication. After taking a few years away from the work force to raise three children she was happy to reignite those skills in the office setting. Throughout this time she was also serving at a local mom’s group in many ways including coordinating meetings, leading communication, and creating designs for different marketing needs.


Beth gets excited by visual results! Anything from finishing an ad at work or mowing the lawn at home. Knowing a project is complete and being able to view the results helps Beth focus on continually progressing in her skills.

Fun Fact

While Beth was a stay-at-home mom, she also had a side hustle making cakes for weddings and other celebrations.

Special Skill

Beth has a very creative mind leading to fun, thoughtful gifts and certificates awarded to co-workers.

Secret Weapon

Her minimalistic tendencies help to add organization and function to the office.

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