Steve Kangas

Senior Software Engineer


Being a Senior Software Engineer, Steve leads development projects and mentors other developers.


Steve’s development career started in 1995 when he was working as a student at Michigan Tech University.  Steve was hired by the Local Technical Assistance Program as a Software Engineer and helped to develop a roadway management system using GIS technology which was in its early commercial stages.  Steve continued in this role for 11 years before joining Xeratec as a Senior Software Engineer in 2006. 


Although Steve considers himself a dinosaur, he still likes to learn new frameworks, new technologies, and new concepts.   Steve also likes to dust off his older technology shoes once in a while.  Steve says that combining these two things is what he really enjoys.  He likes to take a concept written in an older technology and bring it into the present.

Fun Fact

Steve started his work career at 14 years old as a tour guide for the Arcadian Copper Mine.  He wasn’t old enough for a driver’s license so he had to ride a moped 9 miles to work after school.  Uphill.  Both ways. Being a tour guide at such a young age gave him the beginnings of the communication skills he would need in his professional career.

Special Skill

Steve does a mean version of Froggy Been A-Courtin and he did ride uh-huh.

Secret Weapon

Steve’s secret weapon is very impressive.  But if he told you, it wouldn’t be secret anymore.

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