Tylor Hanshaw

Software Engineer


Tylor is a Software Engineer working as a Full-Stack Developer at Xeratec Software Development. He helps end-to-end starting with what the user sees (the UI), all the way to the backend, ensuring that all data is stored securely.


He went to school and graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Mobile App and Web Development. Software development ran in Tylor’s family when his dad began his career as a software developer around the time Tylor was born. He was always around technology in some fashion growing up. When Tylor first started attending Northern Michigan University he wanted to originally branch out away from computer science and technology so he chose to major in Biology with a focus in Mycology. Tylor ended up taking an Intro to Web Development course as a general education course and that class is what re-sparked his love for problem-solving and technology overall. He switched majors shortly after completing that course and as they say, “the rest is history”. Since graduating Tylor has worked as a federal government contractor doing mobile app development for both Android and iOS devices, and full-stack development for local clients.


The unknown is what excites Tylor. When he’s given a task or bug to fix and not 100% sure how to tackle it, this is when the gears start going for him. He thinks, “There has to be a solution, there’s got to be a way to solve this problem”. This is one of the reasons why Tylor loves software development! It’s like a maze from start to end where the end of the maze is working and bug-free software! Outside of software development, Tylor tries to spend most of his time in nature. He loves to camp, mountain bike, and travel. After spending time solving problems he looks forward to going outside and getting some fresh air.

Fun Fact

When Tylor was attending Northern Michigan University one winter semester he tried to winter surf just off the coast of Presque Isle in Marquette, MI. He can now say that I’m not very good at surfing let alone winter surfing, but he came back with a cool-looking icicle beard!

Special Skill

His special skill relating to software development is that he can pick up new languages very quickly. Tylor tries to play with new programming languages when he has time and after doing this for a few years it’s become fairly easy for him to pick up new languages and the common patterns used by them. Outside of software development his special skill is his running abilities. In high school Tylor was in track with main events being the 100, 200, 400 meter dash as well as the 4×1 event with three other team members. His 4×1 team set a school record. Tylor may not run competitively anymore but he still enjoys de-stressing with a run a few times a week.

Secret Weapon

Thinking outside of the box, when given a new problem or put on a new project. Tylor likes to look at issues from a different perspective. This allows him and others he’s working with to break patterns that may have dug holes in the past and allow them to solve issues quicker and more creatively.

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