Brett Hillstrom

Brett Hillstrom



As President of Xeratec, Brett leads the organization in many ways. He has created the right culture, business strategy, and strategic relationships to ensure growth for the company. Brett also consults on various software projects when he is needed to help give advice and direction.


Brett’s first job was on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. This is where he began to learn responsibility and the importance of a great work ethic. After moving to Michigan at the beginning of high school, Brett had few interests besides hockey. He became a USA hockey official and learned many leadership skills throughout his time as a referee. In those same years, Brett taught himself how to program and code while working for his father’s business. Brett continued to grow his skills and knowledge base throughout his career and has become a successful self taught technology guru and leader at Xeratec.


Seeing companies get aligned and moving forward is something Brett is passionate about. This does not only apply to Xeratec, this applies to all businesses. This makes creating custom software for clients looking to better their companies so enjoyable.

Fun Fact

Brett is commonly mistaken as Tom Holland. More specifically for his roll as Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

Special Skill

Brett has a plethora of dad jokes. He is well equipped for any situation that may need diffusing with a little laughter.

Secret Weapon

His team. Brett continues to acknowledge that he would not be as effective without a great team to support him.

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