Michael Bellmore

Michael Bellmore

Development Manager


As a Senior Developer and Team Leader, Michael has several responsibilities including providing a great customer experience by producing excellent solutions to meet customer needs, designing solutions with other team members and developers, and mentoring and offering direction to less experienced team members.


Michael started his schooling seeking a degree in biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, but along the way realized how much he missed working with technology and computers. This led him down his career path after switching his major and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.


Michael loves to solve problems and create solutions using technology, creativity, and precision. He is driven to fix things. He is excited about new features in programming technologies and more efficient ways of doing things.

Fun Fact

Michael loves spending time outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, walking, playing softball or golf, working in the garden, camping, fishing, hunting, etc., as long he’s outside he’s happy.

Special Skill

He is an excellent cook. He loves when people can appreciate and enjoy his food. Michael was even awarded a “Grillmaster” certificate at the office!

Secret Weapon

Michael comes from a background with a diverse exposure to different industries due to work experience and family occupations. He has experiences related to construction, carpentry, healthcare, grocery, and food services to name a few. This understanding helps to facilitate his interactions with different unique customers to explore solutions as he strives to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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