Bill Pelli

Bill Pelli

Technology Consultant


Bill is a Technology Consultant at Xeratec Software Development. He is responsible for finding new opportunities for the team at Xeratec to shine. He networks with businesses and people, learning about business problems and sharing how we can solve them with technology.


Bill graduated from Michigan Tech with a degree in Business Marketing and Management.  He sold auto, home, and life insurance before transitioning to the corporate world.   He has spent the bulk of his career in the healthcare space working for Chicago based medical supply companies in multiple roles including, customer service, marketing, and product management.  This wide variety of experience prepared him for his current role. He is passionate for making a real difference.


Bill is fueled by meeting new people and getting to know them and their businessesHe loves to ask questions and figure out how technology can help companies move faster and get more done.

Fun Fact

Bill played hockey for the Calumet Wolverines while attending  Michigan Tech and raised the 3rd oldest trophy in hockey, the Gibson Cup, in 2003.

Special Skill

Being (or attempting to be) a renaissance man.  Bill enjoys learning new things and being a master at none of them.   He plays guitar, smokes meat, builds “honey do” projects, blacksmithing, coaches his kids in hockey and baseball, pheasant hunts, and recently took up wrestling.  

Secret Weapon

He can make people laugh in most any situation.  This can come in handy especially during stressful situations at work or home.

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