Nathan Fisher

Nathan Fisher

Software Engineer


With a background that covers both the technical and creative sides, Nathan tends to bring that expertise and angle into each product he’s involved with. He provides excellent development and consulting needs, acting as a liaison when required. Within Xeratec he has helped manage personal, kickstart projects, and enjoys learning new technology stacks.


Nathan knew he’d have a career in technology after first stepping into an arcade. Being surrounded by the equipment required to drive the pinball and other arcade machines got his mind entranced. His creative side led him to attend Full Sail University where Nathan received his first BA in Computer Animation. Nathan felt he was better suited for tackling more technical problems which led him to Michigan Technological University where he earned his second BA in Computer Science.


Nathan is a very versatile person and has equal energy for both outdoor and indoor activities. He really enjoys doing new things and tends to have very little bias holding himself back from trying something he hasn’t done before. Nathan is also constantly coming up with new ideas to implement on his own someday.

Fun Fact

As he is incredibly passionate about the video game industry, Nathan hopes to release a video game project of his own at some point.

Special Skill

Nathan is very personable. He is an extremely intent listener when someone approaches him with a question or conversation and can remember details well.

Secret Weapon

Nathan has a soft spot for the arts, and passionate about consumption and creation. Enabling a perspective in both the technical and artistic sides of the tech world. All while constantly trying to make work as fun as possible without compromising productivity.

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