Jason Branaugh

Jason Branaugh

Operations Manager


As our Operations Manager, Jason curates plans to support project goals. With proper expectations and communication Jason is able to keep his team members focused and motivated to produce excellent results.


He took the military route by joining the Army at 19. Growing up around the trucking and construction industry, Jason figured that would be his life path as well. He ended up driving truck in the military but when he got out Jason went into the manufacturing sector of the world. It was there that he moved up through the ranks. Jason began as an entry level operator and eventually, after multiple industries and proving himself, he became an operations manager. It was Jason’s background in operations management and his life long love of the construction industry that brought Jason to LoadTraxx, a co-owned product of Xeratec’s. As the relationship grew, we knew we needed him on our team!


Although there are many things that fuel Jason, first and foremost it’s time with his family. But according to his family, Jason always has a hobby or two in the works. Whether it be fishing, golf, softball or his love for bourbon, his passions can be brought out in any conversation or setting.

Fun Fact

At one point in his career Jason held the unofficial world record for the largest diameter single orientation silicon crystal ever grown.

Special Skill

Jason can always get a room laughing with his great wit and experiences.

Secret Weapon

He is a creative thinker and idea generator. Jason has initiated some of the current features LoadTraxx offers along with different marketing tactics.

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