Joe Wood

Joe Wood

Software Engineer


As a Software Engineer, Joe Wood is responsible for implementing crucial features across a wide range of projects. His work ensures that our products not only meet but exceed customer expectations.


Joe grew up in Houghton, MI, just across the canal from our home office. He embarked on his educational journey by enrolling at the local University. Throughout his time at Michigan Tech, Joe dedicated himself to mastering the intricacies of computer science, laying the foundation for his career.


Fueled by a relentless passion for learning new things, Joe finds satisfaction in witnessing continuous improvement in his craft. Each day, he embraces the opportunity to expand his skillset, adapt to emerging technologies, and refine his expertise. His unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth keeps Joe on a perpetual path of self-improvement.

Fun Fact

Joe has a unique ability to ride a unicycle. It’s not just a quirky skill; it’s a testament to his determination and willingness to take on unconventional challenges!

Special Skill

A valuable attribute of Joe’s is his innate open-mindedness when it comes to embracing new ideas and perspectives presented by others. It’s a strength to be receptive and welcoming to diverse viewpoints, as it fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment where innovation thrives. This openness is a tremendous asset in problem-solving and teamwork.

Secret Weapon

Joe’s secret weapon is his ‘flow state.’ In this unique mental zone, all distractions fade into the background, and he is able to channel his complete focus and energy into a single task. Time slows down, and productivity and creativity soar to their peak!

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