Patrick Seidel

Patrick Seidel

Software Engineer


Patrick is a talented Software Engineer at Xeratec Software Development. He plays a crucial role in the development and timely delivery of our projects.


While attending Michigan Technological University, Patrick secured an internship with Xeratec during his final semester. He graduated in the Spring of 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a Minor in Mathematical Sciences. Patrick was ready to jump right into projects on a larger scale and has been a huge asset to the Xeratec team.


Patrick is a true outdoors enthusiast. Hailing from southern Michigan, he developed a deep affection for the Keweenaw region during his time at the local university. When he’s not excelling in his work, you’ll often find Patrick on the golf course, hiking trails, swimming in Lake Superior, or carving up the slopes during the winter months. His passion for outdoor activities fuels his zest for life.

Fun Fact

Patrick stands out as the tallest member of our team at Xeratec Software Development. During our first encounter with him at the Michigan Tech University Career Fair, he was easily noticeable in photos, effortlessly towering over the rest of the Xeratec staff.

Special Skill

Patrick is an exceptionally fast learner who embodies the essence of our core value “figureoutable.” His ability to quickly grasp new concepts and adapt to challenging situations is truly remarkable.

Secret Weapon

His secret weapon is his unwavering ability to find solutions to any problem he encounters. With determination and perseverance, he tackles challenges head-on, never backing down until he delivers the desired outcome.

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