Carl Asiala

Software Engineer


Carl serves Xeratec clients by gathering their ideas and translating them into solutions through writing software.


He has a Management Information Systems degree from Michigan Tech. After graduation Carl learned programming as a contractor for one of the world’s largest oil services companies. After gaining some experience, Carl was excited to join Xeratec which is located in his hometown. He has earned the title of DCO, Director of Coffee Operations, here in the office. We take coffee pretty seriously at Xeratec. We know who is the most knowledgable about coffee on our team and we made sure that he has full power over what is brewing in the break room. 


Hockey is a huge part of what excites Carl. He plays as a goalie in several leagues, and is very knowledge in all areas of the game. Carl also enjoys the outdoors by mountain biking and hiking/walking with his dog. The final thing Carl really lives for is a classic Finnish Sauna and swim.

Fun Fact

Carl drove the Zamboni at Michigan Tech’s John MacInnes Student Ice Arena while he attended college.

Special Skill

He has the ability to communicate well with coworkers and clients. Carl can explain things to people in terms they can understand. This becomes very helpful when speaking to those less knowledgeable in the technology industry.

Secret Weapon

Carl has the ability to get along with anybody.  He can talk people down when they get too worked up and can be a calming influence in the office.