Kyler Hillstrom



As an intern at Xeratec, Kyler is honing his expertise in software development. He dedicates his efforts to fine-tuning his skills in debugging, particularly on small projects during their testing phase. This hands-on experience allows Kyler to gain practical insights and refine his capabilities in this dynamic field.


Kyler is a dedicated student pursuing his education at Michigan Technological University. His journey into the world of technology took an interesting turn after initially pursuing a different degree in college. Realizing his passion lay elsewhere, Kyler decided to take a pause and explore his interests further. Through self-guided learning and diligent research, he discovered his knack for coding, drawn by the intricate workings behind the screen. Now, Kyler is thrilled to be part of our team, where he learns and grows alongside seasoned Senior Developers, gaining invaluable real-world experience as he progresses toward his degree in Software Engineering.


Like many developers, Kyler finds genuine thrill in troubleshooting and solving problems. Each successful resolution not only fuels his excitement but also strengthens his confidence in the gratifying nature of this profession.

Fun Fact

Kyler harbors a dream of one day designing his own video game. The allure of game design first captivated his interest during his exploration of various career paths.

Special Skill

Kyler catches on very quickly. Once he learns something, he can apply it. This innate skill enables him to adapt and excel in various tasks, contributing to his effectiveness and success in both academic and professional endeavors.

Secret Weapon

As Kyler emphasizes, “The Senior Developers are my secret weapon.” Their wealth of experience and expertise serves as an invaluable resource, guiding Kyler’s learning journey with each new task assigned to him.

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