Ross Kinnunen



Ross is a sales and account manager for the Xeratec co-owned product LoadTraxx. He also assists with product development, marketing, and strategic planning of the product. He is extremely customer centric and is always making sure that we are meeting the needs of those we serve.


Graduating from the Business School at Michigan Tech has brought Ross into a number of roles in different industries. While working in an administrative position at Xeratec, we found he had a passion for LoadTraxx and would be a great fit working on that project. Now, years later, Ross is working with clients every day to ensure their continued success with the product.


Being part of a solution will drive Ross. He enjoys bringing a product to a client, knowing that it will help their employees and company overall. This is why working in consulting fits him well.

Fun Fact

Ross has endless knowledge about basketball. He enjoys all sports, but basketball has been and will be something that he will follow until the end of time.

Special Skill

He is a natural leader, especially when it comes to basketball. Ross led teammates in high school and continues to lead athletes in the sport as he coaches.

Secret Weapon

Ross can relate almost any situation to a movie, meme or TV show. It annoys some people, and others find it humorous.  “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.”

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